Personal Projects

Browse through the projects I have created myself over the past few years. I now spend my time learning new areas to improve and grow each of them.

Established Websites

Aussie Mineral Hub

Over the course of 20 plus years, I have collected minerals & crystals from all over the world with a focus on Australian specimens. Aussie Mineral Hub was created to share the collection with you and build a community around learning what this fascinating earth has to offer.


Typeyeah is for everyone who loves and appreciates all types of art from typography to graphic design & logo design. The mission is to bring the design community together to inspire and share their artwork and give everyone the opportunity to inspire and learn from each other.

Central Coast Web Designer

I like to pass on information and teach people new skills, especially when it comes to their website. I created Central Coast Web Designer in 2018 as a toolbox for local Central Coast businesses who want to build and grow their online presence.

Central Coast Barber

As they say, real men go to real barbers. Central Coast Barber was created in 2016 as an SEO experiment. It is now the leading barber website for the Central Coast region.

Projects / Ideas


I started 4x4RUSH as an inspiration hub for all things 4×4. My biggest dream is to buy a 4×4 and travel Australia with the family, being digital nomads working on my website projects.

Aussie Gyms

AussieGyms is a work in progress that will become a directory for Australian gyms, health centres, bootcamps and basically all things health & fitness. People looking to get fit can register and book sessions with a local Personal Trainer.