My Narrative

Instead of just giving you a sales pitch about myself and what I’ve done the last few years, I want to take this opportunity to dig a little deeper and give you a full insight into my life.

Like with a lot of people, there are a few dark years I’d like to forget about and move on, however those years taught me a lot about people, business and life.


Born in Sydney, mum and dad were actually attending one of their friends' wedding when I decided it was time to shine.


Attended Brisbania Public School


Attended Kincumber High School


Completed Cert II General Computers TAFE course


Completed Cert IV and Diploma of Website Design & Development


1st place in Worldskills for the Hunter Region in Web Design


Work experience at an agency in Sydney called NetStarter. They decided to keep me on as a junior web designer. Over the years I transitioned into an account manager, successfully managing over 130 accounts.


Travelled to Sri Lanka to help train the team in the new office.


Started my own business called NETswitch with my best mate. NETswitch was created to service the growing Central Coast and Hunter regions for full end to end website solutions.


Started a gym wear clothing brand called Iron Society.


Sold NETswitch and Iron Society businesses


Worked at GOenergy as a web designer / Salesforce Administrator

January 2016

Started Typeyeah.

February 2016

Started working at LEAP Legal Software in the Global Marketing team as Senior Frontend Developer

August 2016

Started Aussie Mineral Hub

October 2016

Moved to Hornsby to be closer to the city for work

January 2017

Got back in the swing of things and started my own new business called Griggworks

September 2017

Started working at PropertySafe as Senior UI/UX Designer

December 2017

Moved back to the Central Coast

May 2018

Opened an online shop on Aussie Mineral Hub selling mineral tack

June 2018

Got first organic sale on Aussie Mineral Hub

26 August 2018

Took Karina for a picnic to Somersby Falls and proposed. She said Yes!

October 2018


November 2018

Started a new streetwear brand called Saber7. Got sample t-shirts, phone case and cap printed with Saber7 logo

December 2018

Started building concepts for

January 2019

Rebuilt Aussie Mineral Hub to be fully eCommerce focused on crystal art products

June 2019

Started new role as Product Owner for MMgr at PropertySafe

July 2019

Started - an inspiration hub for all things 4x4 and to support my biggest dream of buying a 4×4 to travel Australia with the family, being digital nomads working on my website projects.

7 August 2019

Sold my first mineral to a customer

12 August 2019

The official launch of with payment gateway integration